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Travel Diary - 2003
5 January | Senegal
22 January |Gambia
18 January |Guinea
9 February | Mali
22 February | Burkina Faso
3 March | Ghana
19 March | Togo
20 March | Benin
25 March | Niger
12 April | Chad
15 April | Cameroon
16 April | Nigeria
30 April | Congo
24 May | RDC
31 May | Angola
5 June | Namibia
27 June | South Africa
30 August | Lesotho
10 September | Swaziland
9 October | Botswana
17 October | Namibia
19 October |
29 October | Malawi
4 November |Mozambique
16 November | Tanzania
12 December | Rwanda
16 December | RDC
18 December | Uganda
24 December | Kenya

Travel Diary - 2004
9 January | Ethiopia
6 February | Sudan
21 February | Saudi Arabia
23 February | Jordan
3 March | Syria
5 March | Turkey
12 March | Greece
21 March | ...And Home


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17 months, 43 countries, and 2 vehicles

Namibia (Part2)

The Caprivi Strip

Steffi and I parted company just short of the border and I crossed back into Namibia - fortunately I'd saved my R100 road fund certificate...

The road East is a beautiful drive - you pass warning signs for elephants every few kilometres; I had no idea where I was going to stop for the night and it was by pure luck that I stumbled upon the Mazambala Island Lodge, where camping was easy, and after a shower I headed over to the lodge for a cold beer on a wooden deck overlooking the Zambezi, and watched the hippos frolicking until the light had dwindled to nothing.

Later, chatting to the owner over a G&T (I was the only guest that night) I found out that the hippos were responsible for the beautifully manicured lawns - and as we chatted sure enough the unmistakeable sounds of a stealthy hippo marked the time for our cautious retreat.

The following morning I continued on to Katima Mulongo which was the only place I could be sure of finding DSTV for the England - South Africa match.

I camped at the Zambezi Lodge where they were still muttering about how two Raleigh girls had left without paying for their camping - perhaps that is why they took my passport as surety. It was a beautiful place to rest up for a day or two, but nothing much seemed to work - and I had a nightmare of a time not organising my cheap Zambian visa via the massively useless Ghecko Lodge in Livingstone.

The riverfront view compensated in part, as did the fact that the TV worked (unlike the phone system), and England beat SA. Time to stop stressing about $60 and cross that damned border...