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Travel Diary - 2003
5 January | Senegal
22 January |Gambia
18 January |Guinea
9 February | Mali
22 February | Burkina Faso
3 March | Ghana
19 March | Togo
20 March | Benin
25 March | Niger
12 April | Chad
15 April | Cameroon
16 April | Nigeria
30 April | Congo
24 May | RDC
31 May | Angola
5 June | Namibia
27 June | South Africa
30 August | Lesotho
10 September | Swaziland
9 October | Botswana
17 October | Namibia
19 October |
29 October | Malawi
4 November |Mozambique
16 November | Tanzania
12 December | Rwanda
16 December | RDC
18 December | Uganda
24 December | Kenya

Travel Diary - 2004
9 January | Ethiopia
6 February | Sudan
21 February | Saudi Arabia
23 February | Jordan
3 March | Syria
5 March | Turkey
12 March | Greece
21 March | ...And Home


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17 months, 43 countries, and 2 vehicles

About Us

Mission Statement

Cross Africa from Morocco to Cape Town in a Land Rover. Doesn't say anything about having to finish in the same Land Rover as you started in. Or come to that stopping at Cape Town when the rest of the world beckons...

The Vehicles

1. Mandy the Landy - a 300TDi Defender 110 County. Mandy came to grief in North Spain and will be fondly remembered

2. The Camel. 300TDi Discovery (P244 KAC) that was factory built for the Mongolia Camel Trophy Competition in 1997. I found the Camel in the care of Simon Pitchford in Gibraltar. Simon was gutted to lose one of his favourite toys - I was delighted to find a vehicle that was capable of taking the journey on.

The Team

Here is the recruitment page. Obviously this wasn't unpleasant enough to put some people off...


Peter Strong

On arriving in Spain from the UK Peter elected to adopt a gradual approach to driving on the European side of the road.

He also thinks that it is perfectly acceptable to cross Africa in a car that he bought yesterday.

He may be found at any one of a number of garages along the route with the workshop manual for a different Land Rover in hand.

Richard Leon

Richard joined Peter for the drive across Spain, and then had the good sense to disappear before he could be roped into rejoining the Camel.

He spent the first three months sending us occasional emails from isolated places promising to catch up with us soon.

He and the Camel were eventually introduced in Timbuktu, at which point he abruptly left for a couple of days in the desert on real camels.

Roxana Valea

Roxana recently left a good job in Switzerland to cross Africa with two men she met over the internet. In a car they bought yesterday. Enough said.

She has an MBA, but has difficulty with the more technical aspects of the trip such as plugging things into electrical sockets.

She is travelling with a large collection of creams, and in the event of the vehicle becoming unserviceable, intends to slither the rest of the way to Cape Town.