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Photos - 2002
4 November | Bilbao

1 December | Ceuta
2 December | Morocco

27 December | Mauritania

Photos  - 2003
5 January | Senegal
22 January |Gambia
9 February | Mali
22 February | Burkina Faso
3 March | Ghana
19 March | Togo
20 March | Benin
25 March | Niger
12 April | Chad
15 April | Cameroon
16 April | Nigeria
30 April | Congo
24 May | Congo Zaire
31 May | Angola
5 June | Namibia
27 June | South Africa
30 August | Lesotho
10 September | Swaziland
09 October | Botswana
19 October|Zambia
29 October|Malawi
4 November|Mozambique
16 November | Tanzania
12 December | Rwanda
16 December | RDC
18 December | Uganda
24 December | Kenya

Photos - 2004
9 January | Ethiopia
6 February | Sudan
23 February | Jordan
3 March | Syria
5 March | Turkey
12 March |
21 March | And Home...

The Spurious Monkey Photos



17 months, 43 countries, and 2 vehicles

Photos - Spain to Senegal

Everything is copyright Peter Strong 2002-2004. Send me money. Never mind what for, just send it.

The Demise of Mandy, Tarifa,  and Ceuta


Mandy in Miranda de Burgos

Wotcha mate

Our kind host Simon insists having a pink kite doesn't make him gay

Jeanette, the two Richards and me

Breakfast is a major event at Cez Simon and Jeanette


The Camel queues to leave Gibraltar

Mmm lovely

Simon fondles the Camel

Another camel shot

I'm still excited enough to have to include the Camel in most shots...


Suprisingly without the Camel in view

Roxana and Camel

The Camel is the pretty one...

Gibraltar at Dawn

I'd never been up this early before



Children Playing




Taking Dinner Home


Goats Fighting Above the Town



Campsite above Chefchouen

Man in Jellabah

Would you buy a used carpet from this guy?

Shopkeeper, El Jedida

Bugger made us pay to take his phote - still don't know what he was selling


View of Rabat from Sale beach

Nesting Storks

Shelle, near Rabat

Mosque Tower

Shelle, near Rabat

Proof of Life


The Moon above Shelle




Lady Di

Roxana with admirers

View from the Palace

Kasbah at Telouet

Careful Driving

The piste to Ait-Benhaddou


Dades Gorge


Dades Gorge

Three Camels

The arch at Tan-Tan

Where Mandys go to die

The Land Rover graveyard South of Dakhla

Sunset and Sea Mist

Western Sahara coast road

Man and Monkey

Wanderer with macaque in the desert

Message in a bottle

The Morocco-Mauritanian border


The view from the piste in no-man's-land



The Easy way to Travel

The ore train from Nuadibout to Choum

Gerhard on Bike

He had an easier time after we relieved him of his panniers

Library at Chinguetti

One of many as it turns out, but worthwhile all the same


Checking out the view on the pist to Oudane


The old piste from Oudane to Chinguetti

Land Cruiser

The owner saw in the new year up to his axles in sand


The old town at sunset

Fort Seganne

Dodgy looking legionnaire

Sunset at Noukchott

I haven't told Roxana about the sharks...



View from The Zebra Bar

South of St. Loius, looking out over the Langue de Barbarie National Park

Roxana and Gerhard

Zebra bar observation platform

Sunset at Pointe des Almadies

The Western-most point of Africa

A Few of the Kaolack Volunteers

?, Ryan, Teri, Tab and Will

Now Where did I leave the Engine?

Repairs at Marc Automobiles

Marc and the Team

Would you buy a used car from this man?

Restaurant Out of Rosenheim

After a hard night's work...


The Gambia

Crossign the Gambia

The Ferry to Banjul

Green Monkey, or Vervet


Open Wide Please

Kachikaly Crocodile Pool, Bakau

Sea View



More Photos...