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Photos - 2002
4 November | Bilbao

1 December | Ceuta
2 December | Morocco

27 December | Mauritania

Photos  - 2003
5 January | Senegal
22 January |Gambia
9 February | Mali
22 February | Burkina Faso
3 March | Ghana
19 March | Togo
20 March | Benin
25 March | Niger
12 April | Chad
15 April | Cameroon
16 April | Nigeria
30 April | Congo
24 May | Congo Zaire
31 May | Angola
5 June | Namibia
27 June | South Africa
30 August | Lesotho
10 September | Swaziland
09 October | Botswana
19 October|Zambia
29 October|Malawi
4 November|Mozambique
16 November | Tanzania
12 December | Rwanda
16 December | RDC
18 December | Uganda
24 December | Kenya

Photos - 2004
9 January | Ethiopia
6 February | Sudan
23 February | Jordan
3 March | Syria
5 March | Turkey
12 March |
21 March | And Home...

The Spurious Monkey Photos



17 months, 43 countries, and 2 vehicles

Spurious Monkey Photos

Everything is copyright Peter Strong 2002-2004. Send me money. Never mind what for, just send it.

Macaca Sylvanus, Gibraltar

Ski and I having a laugh

If you take enough shots eventually you will catch a macaque in mid-sneeze

Me and Monkey

Perched on top of the Saddle - I'm the ugly one on the left


The oldest male in Gibraltar at 18


Juvenile male with O'Hara's peak behind

Mother and Son

C troop

Sunset over the bay

No monkeys here mate

Scruffy Male

A Troop

Stock up those pouches

Female yearling, A troop

Where Becks got his hair style from

6 months old and sitting on my knee

Did you wash behind your ears?

F30 and son

The late birth

Senior Male with newborn, October

Suckling female

A troop

September's Girl

A troop

Brown Eyes

A troop

Can I have a go?

C troop

Sentinel at sunset

F troop

I'll have that...

C troop

Mother stealing from son's cheek pouches

C troop

Rainy Day

C troop

The Straits

The Lookout

Get off my Doritos

F2 refusing to share

Alarm Call

H troop responding to a lone dog

Mother's Arms

Suckling babe

Monkey Business

F troop at play

Guarding the Lookout

C Troop

Blue Eyes

F31 with a dirty nose


C troop

Threat Pout

Female, C troop

Room with a View

A troop infant

Proud Couple

Senior pair, C troop

Monkey with Monkey Mug

Thieving bugger from F troop

Proud Gibraltarian

Farringdon Battery


Infant in distress below Moorish Castle

Nurturing male

A troop

Am I Cute or What?

Poser, C troop


Riding the Saddle

The Isthmus by night

Farringdon Range

Me too!

Macaque by Sunset